Do you have a dream of starting your own business but unsure where to start?

Get the support you need to bust through your fears and make your dream a reality.

The “Vibrant Business Breakthrough” Package

Do you have a home-based business idea but are not sure where to start to launch it? Are you feeling stuck in your career and want more freedom and control over your life?

it’s ok.

Every budding entrepreneur goes through a period of self-doubt. Your end vision for your business can sometimes seem so far away. This coaching package is designed specifically for the aspiring female, heart-centric entrepreneur.

In this “Vibrant Business Breakthrough” Package you will:

  • Discover your unique talents and qualitiesso that you can align your business and life with who you really are as a woman and mother.

  • Discover the home-business that is uniquely tailored to your talents and purposeso that you never doubt yourself again.

  • Create a personalized action planso that you know exactly what steps you could take to create the business you truly love.

  • Build the confidenceto achieve your business goals so that you can leave your fears and doubts behind.

  • Successfully transitionto the business you absolutely love that helps you live the life you want.

If you are ready to make big improvements in your life and you would like to get a sample of what working with me would be like, apply below for a DISCOVERY CALL.

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Vibrant You, Vibrant World Project


I feel strongly about giving back. Many of the brands and businesses I admire stand for something bigger than profits. These companies are changemakers, contributing to the betterment of global humanity.

I have partnered with the non-profit organization Plan International Canada's "Because I am a Girl" initiative.
For each coaching package I sell, 10% of the profits are donated to this initiative which is working to end gender inequality and promote girls' rights.

More About Coaching and How It Works

In this May 2018 episode, I am interviewed by Madelaine Golec, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist at Eco physiotherapyfor her wellness YouTube channel.
How do women discover what they truly value after having children?
How do you decide if you return to the same job or do you want something new?

What kinds of questions can you ask yourself to gain clarity?