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Taking a Creative & Holistic Approach to your Return to Work

  • Chickadee Family Cafe Burlington, Ontario Canada (map)

Maternity leave coming to an end? Feeling torn between your family and your career aspirations outside of your family? Being a mom adds a whole other level of complication to all of your decisions and this is a challenging transition.

 Know that it is possible to make a confident decision about your return to work!

 To move forward, you need to be clear about what you want, be aware of all of your options and have a solid plan of action. Self-reflection, determining what we want and going after it, is your way to move forward. When we are rooted and confident in who we are, only then do we have a solid foundation to make excellent decisions that honour our career aspirations, our family values and our personal well-being.

 Megan Day, Certified Life Coach, will share steps to help you clarify a career path that will express your unique gifts and talents, as well as nourish your commitment to your family.