Exploring Your Judgement with Curiousity

Have you ever felt jealous of ANOTHER women’s life? Made snap judgements about her?

Maybe it looks like she has a super sexy relationship with her partner.

Look at her acting Immaturely, like a teenager.

Maybe her kids seem more well-behaved than yours.

How lucky. She must be a drill sergeant.

Maybe she appears to have a tight group of awesome girl friends that she does girls’ weekends with.

Bad mom, always shirking her responsibilities.

What’s really going on here?

That is about the time that your inner critic chimes in and asks “what’s wrong with me?”
Wondering what the hell you’re doing wrong. Wondering why you don’t have that.

This is a painful inner dialogue.

I’ve been there. The grass is always greener...

These feelings of judgement that lead to feelings of self doubt can be useful reminders....

Reminders of our own gaping holes that need to be healed.

And how do you do that?

You approach these feelings with CURIOSITY, rather than judgement.

CURIOSITY allows you to unpack what is really going on. It helps you to be less reactive in your investigation of your feelings.

So rather than judgements and self doubt, let’s look with curiosity about what’s really going on and ask ourselves the following questions.

-WHAT is causing me to feel this judgement and jealousy?
-What SPECIFICALLY about this situation is triggering for me?

-What does this tell me about what I need to WORK on?

You can explore these feelings through journaling or alongside a guide who knows the right QUESTIONS to ask, like a life coach.

As a life coach, I work on mindset and perspective shifts with my clients. These shifts create more ease in their relationships and careers.

If you are feeling rather judgemental these days, I urge you to book a clarity call with me HERE. I’d be happy to explore further with you what might be going on and if coaching might be your next step in healing these feelings.